Auto Body Repair

Body repair on all types of vehicles

At Joe’s Collision provides complete auto body repair services for all types of vehicles. We service minor mechanical issues to major automotive problems. Our auto body repair specialists are professionals in the field and will get your vehicle running back to normal. For the lifetime of your vehicle, it is vital to have our experts diagnose or repair your vehicle’s needs.


We are an auto body service provider that specializes in collision damage repair, chassis repair, fender work and other auto body work. Come to us when you’re in need of auto body repair service for your vehicle. Our expert technicians are more than prepared to help you. Call us now at (973) 485-0202 for hassle-free service. 

Used Cars Sale

We take care for your vehicle

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Joe’s Collision has everything you need to find the best used car to meet your needs. We are an all-in-one resource.

We know that prospective customers more educated than ever when it comes to researching their next vehicle.


We provide you with a unique experience that will help you find the perfect used car.

We make you can feel confident about the car you buy from us.



Overseas Shipping

We can fine-tune your car

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Joes Collision is an International Freight Shipping company, which ship’s cargo worldwide.  We are a reliable, no frills leading shipping service provider. Limco Joes Collision specializes in container shipping and international cargo shipping.

Our company focuses on large scale shipments overseas. Our shipping rates are amongst the most competitive on the market.